Conditions of participation "Stylists' Favorite Award" (Online Competition)

1. Subject matter

1. These conditions of participation govern the participation of the participants in the contest "Stylists' Favorite Award" of the Kao Germany GmbH, Pfungstädter Straße 98-100, 64297 Darmstadt (hereinafter referred to as "Organizer").

2. Pursuant to the participation in the prize competition, the participants shall be deemed to accept these conditions of participation.

2. Conditions of participation

1. The prize competition shall start on 01. September 2017 and shall end on 30. September 2017.

2. Eligible to participate are those who have duly registered on the "Voter Registration Page" and are older than 16 years. Excluded are employees of the organizer as well as employees of the cooperation partners, who are or were engaged in the preparation or the execution of the prize competition.

3. For the purpose of a participation in the voting of the „Stylists‘ Favorite Award“ from all national Color Zoom 2017, gold winners shall be required to provide the following information, correctly and completely filled out as well as electronically properly transferred: * First name; *Last name; *Verified E-mail address; Salon/Business name; *Country. The information marked with * is mandatory.

4. Thereafter the participant shall be able to select his/her preferred interpretation of the topic "IN•FLUX" in each of the three categories – Creative, New Talent and Partners –. Three criteria shall thereby have to be considered: a) FASHION INTERPRETATION b) TECHNICAL EXECUTION: COLOR, CUT, TEXTURE AND STYLING, c) TOTAL LOOK. Details of the criteria can be found directly on the voting page.

5. Each participant may vote in all (3) categories, once per day based on a competition start time of 12 a.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST) on September 1, 2017, per e-mail address. Voting must take place in all three categories. The stylist with the most Stylists' Favorite Online votes will be announced during the Global Zoom Gala Show in Barcelona on 8. October 2017.

3. Exclusion of warranty

1. The organizer points out that the availability and function of the voting website cannot be guaranteed. The contest may be terminated or withdrawn due to external circumstances and constraints, without giving rise to claims of the participants or of the Stylists' Favorite Winner against the organizer.

2. This may include technical problems, rule changes or decisions on the part of social media or internet platforms, insofar as the prize competition is held on or organized in connection with the latter.

4. Liability

1. Without prejudice to other statutory entitlement requirements, a liability of the organizer for damages shall be governed by the disclaimers and limitations of liability pursuant to section 5, herein.

2. The organizer shall be deemed to have unlimited liability, insofar as the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence.

3. Furthermore, the organizer shall in the case of slightly negligent breach of material obligations, which endangers the purpose of the contract, or in the case of the breach of duties that in the first place enable the fulfillment of the proper execution of the prize competition, and on whose adherence the contract partner can in principle be expected to rely upon. In this case, the organizer shall however only be liable for the foreseeable, contract typical damage. The organizer shall not be held liable in the case of slightly negligent breach, other than with regard to the duties designated in the preceding sentences.

4. The aforementioned limitation of liability shall not apply to injury to life, limb and health, for a defect pursuant to the acceptance of quality guarantees for the quality of a product and in the case of fraudulently concealed defects. The liability under the product liability law shall thereby remain unaffected.

5. Insofar as the liability of the organizer is excluded or limited, this shall also apply in the case of the personal liability of employees, representatives and vicarious agents of the organizer.

5. Data protection information

1. Valid are the data protection regulations of the organizer. These can be viewed and accessed here.

2. The organizer collects and uses the data of the participants, only to the extent permitted by law or to the extent consent is granted hereto, by the participants. The following data shall be collected by the organizer from the participants and shall serve for the design, implementation and management of the online voting: Name of the participant, e-mail address, salon, country.

3. The participants may at any time require from the organizer by way of a written request or by way of a demand communicated in writing, for information with regard to which personal data is stored by the organizer, for the rectification as well as deletion thereof and may thereby also revoke the consent granted for the usage of the data.

6. Applicable law

1. The conditions of participation are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. The place of jurisdiction is Darmstadt.